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GO Solar Power Green Energy Solution

As opposed to relying on third-party providers, our integrated profile affords us greater control over project development, construction and operation, which provides us with greater insight and certainty on our construction costs and timeline. Coupled with our low cost profile, our greater insight supports competitive new project bids at prevailing market prices, not at our direct costs.

Our Vision:

To be global, innovative & competitive renewable energy enterprise providing total solution to customer of renewable energy product & services.

Our Mission:

To be leading renewable energy enterprise, providing superior quality product & services at competitive prices.

what we do

  1. Provide unique solution & techniques to ensure the successful delivery of renewable & sustainable energy project promptly.
  2. Deliver a value for our clients with creative, experienced & highly skilled engineering team in the design, installation, operation & maintenance of high quality sustainable energy solution.
  3. Produce solar photovoltaic power plant in various applications such as residential, industrial, commercial & agriculture.
  4. Go solar power offer tailored solution according to the client best interest & needs.

How solar energy system works: Energy from the sun that converted into electricity using PV panels.

  1. Solar panels tunes sunlight in DC energy.
  2. Inverter converts the DC energy to AC electricity.
  3. Service panel distribute power where needed thought your home.
  4. Utility meters track energy produced & energy used.
  5. Grid connection ensures access to continuous power all light.

Our Projects

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