On Grid systems:

Solar on grid is also known as grid-tied or utility interactive systems. It generates solar electricity though solar panels & route it to the utility grid.

One grid application:

  1. Solar home systems
  2. Feed in tariff(FIT)

Off Grid systems:

  1. Off grid can be stand-alone power system or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller Community with electricity.
  2. Off Grid solar power also store DC electricity in batteries.

Off Grid application:

  1. Solar home system
  2. Solar water pumping system
  3. Solar battery charging systems
  4. Solar power traffic lighting system

Solar water pumping system:

The need to irrigation agricultural land efficiently, economically & sustainable is critical for food security. Costs for irrigation using diesel power are rising at >10% per year. Solar irrigation solutions are very attractive alternative to diesel powered pumping & support sustainable agriculture.